What is Toggle?

OpenPeak® Toggle® gives your employees the flexibility to use their personal mobile device for business purposes whenever and wherever they want - without compromising on security. Toggle is a global BYOD solution that helps maintain end user personal privacy while enabling organizational control of enterprise data and applications in a highly secure workspace on employee-owned smartphones and tablets.

Dual Personas

Enable higher productivity with dual personas and a built-in productivity suite for email, events, tasks, chat, & more


Protect organization’s resource and data with end-to-end security.

Mobility Management

Streamline mobility management using a single console to manage BYOD, company-liable devices, applications, and voice and data services

Split Billing

Assign a distinct voice number and line for business calling and messaging, then control wireless expenses with split billing capabilities.


Along with Toggle's built in productivity suite, Toggle has Box, SAP Fiori, and Lync integration.

Secure App Ecosystem

Access a broad portfolio of highly secure business apps from the SECTOR® Network.

Toggle on iPad


OpenPeak Toggle also works with SECTOR Network apps. The SECTOR Network is a secure business app ecosystem with a broad selection of popular 3rd party business apps that have been wrapped to add security features, functionality, and IT management capabilities. SECTOR Network apps can easily be downloaded by employees from the most popular public app stores.

Why Toggle?

Dual-personas on a single device

Toggle creates a password-protected work environment so your business can control and distribute applications and content. To further maintain separation of work and personal data, AT&T Work Voice for Toggle is an optional feature that allows for a separate business phone number with voicemail and data allotment on employee-owned devices.

Work mode: This encrypted workspace allows end users to access corporate email, applications, calendars, and more, just like on a company-owned device.

Personal mode: Users can send messages to friends, watch movies, and play games. Personal information remains separate from work applications and data.

Flexible workspace mobile management

Toggle offers robust, centralized mobile workspace management capabilities that assist IT staff in streamlining mobile management. The solution allows you to:

  • Remotely control and distribute proprietary and third-party business applications and content
  • Add a layer of application security
  • Set and enforce role-based access policies
  • Monitor wireless data and application usage
  • And with the AT&T Mobility Management Platform integration, your organization can manage multiple mobility solutions from a single console. For example, you can manage Toggle and MobileIron® from the same administration portal using the same username and password.

End-to-end security on employee devices

Toggle helps address the various security requirements within an organization. Within the workspace, data is protected at rest and in transit with application level VPN, on device encryption, and network security controls. Built with security at its core, Toggle provides a password-protected environment enhanced with the following features:

Fully managed, secured and federated workspace: A FIPS 140-2 certified solution that protects data at rest and in motion allowing IT to define authentication, app use, VPN and data sharing policies.
Application Level VPN: Enables highly secure transport from the Toggle workspace to organization assets.
Integration with corporate directory: Use of a highly secure gateway that integrates existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)/Active Directory (AD) environments with the cloud-based Toggle administration console for simplified user device management.
Antivirus/Anti-Malware: Checks both personal and corporate workspaces for known viruses, such as Trojan horses and malware. (Android™ devices only.)

Control wireless expense with split billing

Optional voice and data plans can help organizations facilitate better wireless expense management through their BYOD rollout. These plans offer a separate business phone number and data allotment on personal devices. Employees of organizations that purchase the optional AT&T Work Data for Toggle plans pay for their data usage in excess of the allotment.

AT&T Work Data for Toggle: Employees are provided a data allotment to supplement their personal data plans that can be used for personal or business data. This feature is available for employees who subscribe to certain AT&T wireless services data plans.
AT&T Work Voice for Toggle: Employees are provided with a business phone number as well as a business voicemail and caller ID. AT&T Work Voice for Toggle is a carrier-agnostic service that is delivered via the Toggle mobile VoIP app.

How It Works

Toggle is a secure cloud-based mobile workspace management solution providing a virtual office for employee personal devices.

IT Administrators

  • Manage users, apps, content, policies, configuration, and reporting from the Toggle Manager portal
  • Large-scale deployment of apps are made available to employees through the Toggle Hub application
  • Distribute or restrict content to an entire workforce or individuals based on their role
  • Access application and data usage, monitor policy compliance and much more

Mobile Workers

  • Download the Toggle app and set up a password to access the highly secure workspace
  • Access the latest organization-approved applications via Toggle Hub
  • Send and receive work emails, access business contacts and intranet sites, browse the web and much more from the workspace, all in a highly secure manner
Toggle on iPad