Welcome to OpenPeak® Toggle® Tech

An introduction to the Toggle Tech video series from
OpenPeak President Chris Hill.


  • The OpenPeak Toggle Platform

    What is the OpenPeak Toggle platform?
    OpenPeak COO Andy Aiello shares a brief overview.

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  • OpenPeak Toggle Secure Email

    How does OpenPeak Toggle secure email work to protect corporate data?
    Product Marketing Manager Callan Russ shares more about how Toggle protects confidential email on employee iOS and Android devices.

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  • Design Principle: Native, but Better

    Can you explain your design principle ‘native, but better’?
    Meet the head of the OpenPeak User Experience Design team Carsten Dietz, as he shares perspective on one of the team’s key design principles – and what it means.

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  • Managing Data Expense

    How can OpenPeak Toggle help me manage business data expense?
    Chris talks about the ‘who pays for what?’ challenge and how Toggle provides a simple solution to satisfy the needs of both enterprises and their employees.

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  • OpenPeak Toggle MDM

    Does OpenPeak Toggle also support more traditional MDM needs?
    It does. Andy provides additional insight into why full device management may still be required and Toggle MDM capabilities.

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  • OpenPeak App Wrapping

    What is OpenPeak app wrapping?
    Phil Schentrup, OpenPeak VP of Product answers the question and explains more.

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